Countershade Community Interest Company

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A way to understand and develop your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Corporate responsibility is not just an adjunct to business today, it is a new way of operating and gives the opportunity to be a genuinely sustainable business. It involves connection - (integration and collaboration), transparency, generosity, insight and creativity. More than ever we see our connection and interdependence, and realise the need to embrace this reality rather than deny it.

We offer participation in art interventions and creative workshops, around the theme of the environment, however, the process will help to develop and support your broader CSR programme. This is not a training programme with pre-set goals, but psychological preparation for change and capacity building through creativity.

Countershade offers opportunities to be involved in creative practise to inspire and build empathy so that your team can develop its own practise. Art and particularly participatory art provides a neutral space in which we give ourselves permission to question and change. Prejudices are undermined not confronted head on with an opposing paradigm. The experience of participants is unique as it is created by participants and involves a very personal understanding and interpretation. However you will also come away with an experience of greater connectedness to the group and to nature.

Countershade can also offer inclusion in on-going environmental art projects as part of your long-term CSR activity.