the project groups of participants. 1. 'camoufleurs', developing their own unique dazzle paint schemes through reference to archives and practice of the work they find there. 2. Testers, who will learn about the heritage through checking the effectiveness of both historical designs and new work created with reference to its principles. 3. Participant audience, who will be guided to interact with mobile display by 1 and 2.
Using archive material, we will replicate a 'viewing theatre', with periscopes and seascapes with varied lighting effects to simulate various sea conditions. Into this model ships will be placed and tests done to see how easily viewers can judge direction of movement of a typical merchant ship. The 'camoufleurs' will be supported through a process of experimental archaeology where by they will build a wooden model ship, design a dazzle scheme, apply it to the model and test it.
a community interest company