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forest trees

From Tree to Shining Tree

A podcast by RadioLab NYC

A forest can feel like a place of great stillness and quiet. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city at rush hour.

In this story, a dog introduces us to a strange creature that burrows beneath forests, building an underground network where deals are made and lives are saved (and lost) in a complex web of friendships, rivalries, and business relations. It’s a network that scientists are only just beginning to untangle and map, and it’s not only turning our understanding of forests upside down, it’s leading some researchers to rethink what it means to be intelligent.

RadioLab NYC

GUZ Shifting Worlds

An interactive performance using the world heritage site and the original furnace of Ironbridge; a natural philosopher asks the visitors their response to the realisation that we are on "spaceship Earth". (concept created by Buckminster Fuller, to emphasise the need for sustainable life processes, i.e. responsible consumption levels,recycling of resources,life improvement through improvement of design and systems.)

Hauser & Wirth EGG -2015

Temporary clay sculpture commissioned as part of House of Fairytales art intervention Easter 2015. Hundereds of participants under the art direction of relational artist- Stephen Whitehead, create a pulsating mass of creation; from clusters of blood corpustles, bacteria, coral and larger plant and animal life.

The Body Politic - The Other Art Fair 2015

Clothing the body politic. A relational intervention that ran along side Gavin Turk's sale of prints, including Project Beard to support House of Fairytales, at The Other Art Fair - London 2015.

A film about littering by Litter Watch in collaboration with Countershade CIC

A short film made in collaboration with Litter Watch