Community Interest Company

Examples of Ongoing Projects


Camouflage as an art form is an abstracted rendering of an ecology, designed to assimilate into the landscape. The artistic process of studying natures patterns and colours and then developing a design to blend with the subject is deeply meditative/mindful as an experience.

Drawing of an artists manaquin putting up a zeltbahn

Where is my Shelter?

Discover your place in nature and the impact you have upon it through den building and other woodland craft.

A toy created from a Cyberman head on a ballet dancer's body

Broken Toy Rescue

This project teaches how to reduce waste and recycle more by making new toys out of old ones.

eco-activities eco-parties


Creative outdoor activities for all ages.

Corporate activities and team building events.

Please contact us for details and bookings.

These projects provide a framework and a theme on which to base your activities. Because your experience will be unique please contact us to discuss your requirements.