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Outline of 1 day+, patchwork workshop - "Where is my Shelter?"

This workshop outline is designed to be accessable for younger children and can be modified to aid curriculum objectives. However it can also be used for families or community groups and could incorporate the sewing of the finished piece(s) of work onto a Zb. As with the individually painted Zbs the patchwork Zb would be included in the walk and exhibition. The intention of this less in depth workshop is to allow contributions by whole communities and it could be run alongside the more mature students work in the 5 day workshop.

  • Introduction to the project
  • Introduction to camouflage in natural history.
  • Learning how to mix colours and choice of appropriate colours.
  • Observing natural pattern and making own pattern/shapes.
  • Paint a patchwork piece.
  • Sewing of patchwork to Zb. (optional)

Further work can also be undertaken by producing equivalent pieces of cloth for sewing up as a scale 1:6 Zb. for individuals to keep as a personal souvenir. They can also be used for ‘hide and seek (by proxy)’* and/or sewn to t-shirts that can be further decorated with text explaining the project and the individual’s involvement.

*Further information on hide and seek by proxy (dolls in the woods observation game) please contact me.

Other proposed outcomes

The project was launched with the first workshop as a 5 day summer school at Compton Verney art gallery, and as satisfying as this individual collaboration was the work has a far greater potential when these individual groups are linked and participants have opportunities to collaborate. As part of the 2009 workshops along the European Greenbelt there is the opportunity for 2008 participants to share their work on the tour but it is hoped that more significant and sustainable links will be made between communities on either side of the former divide and with other groups beyond the geographical boundary, to tie them to the area. In other words the creation of the canvases and their link to the local environment would be a starting point for communication and sharing. The outcomes could be wide ranging but listed below are a few possibilities:-

  • A project website that has a live feed to the tour of the work and after the 2009 events is used for whole project community sharing around the subject of the Greenbelt and the theme of environmental work.
  • ‘Twinning’ of schools or areas for cultural exchange.
  • Future events based on "Where is my Shelter?" for participants to meet and produce giant collaborative work by buttoning zeltbahns together, create tented village, walk together to raise awareness of associated issues.

I am open to ideas as long as they hold to the ethical map/mission statement of the project, and I would expect the project to be driven by the participants. The only limit to the work is funding.

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