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5 Day Workshops

Outline of 5 day workshop - "Where is my Shelter?"

Day 1.

  • Introduction to the project.
  • An introduction to camouflage
    1. Natural history.
    2. Human history of painted and printed camouflage.
    3. How camouflage is perceived and how perception can Change.
  • Observation, mixing, and testing generic landscape colours.

Day 2.

  • Introduction to the zeltbahn (where necessary).
  • Observation of natural patterns, things that ‘catch the eye’ and things that go unnoticed.
  • Working on first patterns using ‘observation, -abstraction, -design protocol-production’.

Day 3.

  • Looking into techniques for painting.
  • Looking into materials and tools.
  • Final design for Zeltbahn.

Day 4.

  • All participants paint a Zeltbahn.

Day 5.

  • Finish painting of zeltbahn.
  • Signing and cataloguing.
  • Discussion of the work, its’ display and consumption and how this may be affected by its context.
  • Planning and delivery of exhibition.

This workshop will be replicated as often as possible in as many locations as possible and with as many groups as possible.

This outline belies the possibility for very different levels of potential learning and adaption to local circumstances. Although the project is goal orientated with regard to the production of Zeltbahns for display, it is equally a process of emotional learning and identification for the participants.

More detailed workshop plans can be negotiated with individual groups and/or may be adapted during the workshop to accommodate individual community responses.

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