Countershade Community Interest Company

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Ethical map / Mission statement

'Where is my Shelter?' (‘Wo ist meine Zeltbahn?’)

"Camouflage- a way to see nature, a way to be nature"

  • Where Is My Shelter? is predicated on the idea that empathy is generated my mimetic behaviour, and that the practice of creating and wearing colour and pattern, mimicking our natural environment will create an intuitive connection with nature.
  • Furthermore the act of creation and wearing of the personal camouflage has no other goal or focus other than creating a bond with nature; it is not a costume for the military or hunters but a way to see nature and therefore assimilate in or be nature,as a whole.
‘Mimetic behaviour does not imitate something but assimilates itself to that something’ Theodor W. Adorno
‘Aesthetic engagement does not require a sense of separation from the world, as instrumental rationality might promote, but a close affinity with it.’ Neil Leach
  • Where Is My Shelter? aims to promote the natural environment as our common identity and does not promote any national, cultural or political identity of belief(s).
  • Where Is My Shelter? encourages general concern for the environment and draws upon the relationship of participants to their local environment whilst promoting human interaction via work to promote and support the European Greenbelt and the world.