Industrial Revolution and its effect on art

1 day of workshops- Stephen Whitehead.

Industrial Revolution workshops | Countershade

1. Process

Paper Cutting

Compare the work practise of an artisan versus factory worker by producing paper doilies under each system. Artisan- make doilie from start to finish as individual. Factory worker- Each element of process demarcated and class work as a team.

Industrial Revolution Workshops | Countershade

2. Vision


Contrast the response of different art movements to the effects of industrialisation,- Realism and Romantasism. Pupils draw 2 sketches, one of an imaginary steam powered machine and the other of a walk in the wild.

Industrial Revolution Workshop | Countershade

3. New ways of Seeing


As photography frees artists to look differently at the world, new impressions of the world around us are discovered. Pupils will be taken through ways to see a multi-coloured world and paint in in spots or dabs of colour. This will be contrasted with a black and white photograph.

Industrial Revolution Workshop | Countershade

4. Technology


Small groups work on a tile design to be printed in 2 or 3 colours, using foam pads as printing blocks. The different designs are then printed to make up a large complex design (like a Minton Tile hallway floor).