1940's Investigations

A sensitive, creative and questioning approach to the teaching of World War Two.

Wise buy for the Home Front

The workshops are run by Mr. Whitehead (circa 1940), who can answer appropriate questions and set out rules, facts etc from a 1940s viewpoint. However if addressed as 'Stephen', I can give different perspectives, offer currently relevant questioning and more information than the 1940s general public would have access to.

Mr. Whitehead is dressed as a 1940s civilian, including pockets full of money, paperwork, and small artefacts, (mostly original but some reproduction).

I can be questioned at any point as Mr.Whitehead or Stephen.

Mr. Whitehead (artist)- as a 1940s character, has a secret civilian job as a 'camoufleur'.

Specific Workshops based around his job

More general role play

Stephen can also run workshops based on design and technology, citizenship, creative writing, research, scientific lab. and field testing of natural camouflage phenomena.

Supporting work

time marches on

Additional documents, images, artefacts and ideas can be brought in to extend and integrate the teaching beyond the Day(s) work with Mr.Whitehead.

Teacher resources from a kit to make a cardboard based 1930s radio shell, film footage. and copies of documents and ideas on developing a working 'Victory Garden' and similar sustainable projects.

World war 2 museum contents.

Not all items wil necessarily be included as content themed to needs of school on the day.

We can also provide templates and plans to make your own respirator and box, and also a radio housing. Workshops that include camouflage can be run with cast plaster model factories to be painted and taken away by participants. Costs for these additional materials can be quoted at planning stage.