Alien Eye

Alien Eye

(The Questioning Alien)

A traveller through time and space lands at your venue.

As a visitor and observer of Earth he has a fascination in how things work on this planet and the cultures of its inhabitants. Everything that is normal/ ‘accepted wisdom’ for humans is questioned by this visitor.

This construct gives opportunity to analyse any issue. The alien will deconstruct all cultural norms using a questioning, scientific, non- pre-judgemental approach to encourage participants to re-evaluate subjects and find new evaluations and perspectives.

The participants take on the persona of an animal i.e. an observing Earth non-human. Groups can be sent out as documentary film teams or hold discussuion groups.

Questions can arise from objects e.g. a litter bin, car or advertising hoarding, of from set issues,-

  • What is fame? who are the significant contributors to civilisation?
  • Climate change. This is your home, how do you look after it?
  • Diversity. Can you explain countries and races to me, is there a difference between you?