Bird and Bat Boxes

Bird roost

A bird roost is a protective space for a bird to sleep.

It could be as simple as a high branch in summer but in winter birds look for shelter from the cold.

Small birds in particular can burn so much energy keeping warm that they cannot consume enough food to replace the loss. It is therefore vital that birds not only have a good food source but a habitat with good shelter from extreme weather conditions. This is not always available so as well as supplementing their natural food supply we also need to supplement their shelter.

The recycled materials needed

1 piece of wire mesh roughly 20cm square (any off cut of light weight chicken wire or other fencing will do.)

Approximately 60 square cm. of rag - preferably water resistant, e.g. an old umbrella salvaged from a skip. Or the polyester lining to a worn out jacket.

Follow these simple instructions to make a winter roost.