Broken Toy Rescue

An on-going art intervention that encourages citizenship, social enterprise and raises awareness of the consequences of pollution.

B.T.R. is responsive to its’ participants needs and therefore has varied activites with differing outcomes. Below are interventions that have been successfully run, they are listed to give a flavour of the project; new interventions may vary from previous work, according to resources and needs.

Broken Toy Res>cue

1. Activity: Make sculptures and installations describing the consequences of littering.
Outcome: An exhibition of works as part of environmental awareness day.

2. Activity: Production of 'Green Oscars', with certificate and award ceremony.
Outcome: Response from institutions in community to apply for award and presentation of awards to those deemed up to standard by Broken Toy Rescuers.

Broken Toy Rescue

3. Activity: Creation of brand 'My Charming World' up-cycled jewellery range. A social enterprise project.
Outcome: Learning of design, costing, manufacture, marketing and sales of charms. Profit from sales to school and charity.

4. Activity: Art installation describing back story of B.T.R. including computer game and badge making workshop for supporters.
Outcome: Raising awareness of anti-social nature of littering and waste.