Understanding Carbon Footprints

At least a basic but clear understanding of the principles behind human actions on climate change is necessary before any expectation can be made for change. Therefore an initial workshop in carbon footprints is essential. It will both educate and provide a sense of agency to the participants and help schools find ways to include climate and ecological issues across the curriculum.

Specific footprints are discussed, by participants, on a level for action, from personal to international, to offer potential strategies. Particular attention however is given to personal action.

Carbon emissions are expressed in weights to give a simple and tangible comparison of actions and products.

Modifications in lifestyle are left open for participants to decide, although advice is offered when specific questions are asked.

We also encourage inset sessions for teachers so that workshops can be replicated by staff. Further support can be given in workshops and demonstrations for plant based diets, up-cycling clothing and wider change in school, (e.g. composting, planting, international green exchange, sub-groups, recycling and content for public events).

In Case of Emergency Break Bad Habits