Cuttlefish Hide and Seek

A small 'theatre'/ scene of shallow water , rocks and seaweed is staged for participants to spot hidden model sea-life and to hide their own cuttlefish artworks.

Face paint is used by artist and participants to paint their hands to look like a cuttlefish. drawing of a hand in the shape of a cuttlefish

The participants take turns to place their hands in the marine 'theatre' ( from 'backstage') and camouflage them in the seaweed and rocks. Participants take turns to search for cuttlefish (in-front of theatre). Drawing of a hand painted to look like a cuttlefish

The transformation of the participants hand into a cuttlefish encourages empathy with sealife and the exercise of hide and seek/camouflage emphasises the connection and interdependence of individual life to its ecosystem/environment.