Healthy Eating

Plant based recipes offer simple, safe, high-nutrition meals that can be taught in school and transfered to home. This is not offered as the only way to eat but as a way to guarantee emphasis on '5 a day'.

  • Kitchen cupboard and fridge audit.
  • Recipe cards (including cooking tips to maximise nutrition).
  • Smoothie making (including light-hearted unhealthy demonstrations of food mixes e.g. pop and crisp smoothie).
  • Growing-up diet.
  • Where your food comes from, (you already eat strange things so why not try something new?) - Food tasting.
  • Fair trade, water use in agriculture, food waste and other big issues.
  • Pupil driven healthy eating campaign.

'Bulgarian Bean Soup' - part of an eco-awareness school twinning project.

'Gladiator Stew'. Healthy eating example based on the Roman gladiators vegetable based nutrition and their knickname 'The Barley Men'. Part of a history and technology project.