The Romans

Workshops can be developed or a selection combined to make lessons to cover from 90 minutes to a full day.


  • Make cut away model of road from stone.
  • Test efficiency of road travel in comparison to open land, using school made cart and marching soldiers.
illustration depicting a cross section of a Roman road

Healthy eating

Gladiators were knicknamed 'the barley men' as their staple diet was grain and vegetable based. Using this as a starting point Gladiator Stew can be made with barley, vegetable stock, olive oil and fresh vegetables. (Does not contraviene any religious dietary law.)

A table laid out with a typical roman meal


  • From togas to tunics - make patterns to dress 30cm mannequins and try full size versions to demonstrate utility of new cut clothing.
  • Practise basic weaving.

Materials and technology

How can basic materials be manipulated to improve life?

  • Adobe vs brick
  • Stone vs concrete
  • Open hearth heating vs underfloor flued heating.

Workshops to include discussion, drawing, and model making.