The Stone Age

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The Stone Age

The Stone Age lasted 3.4 million years. It encompasses technological, and cultural development from the very first use of stone tools through cave dwelling to nomad shelters to basic farming and settlements of permanent shelters.

It is agreed that the Neolithic (late Stone Age) ended for most cultures between 6000 bc and 2500 bc. However Native American and Aboriginal time lines stretch up to exposure to modern cultures.

A lot of what we guess about the Neolithic is based on similarities draw between acheological finds and recent ethnographic studies of 'Stone Age' societies.

The proposed workshops are therefore based around these theories as they allow participants to actively engage with the art and technology being studied.

75 minute session split into 3 x 20 minute workshops. Below is a list of possible activites that school can pick from.

Build a shelter

A practical exercise (indoor or outdoor) to build a shelter from basic materials:- (poles, canvas to represent hides and twine. Plastic water bottles can also be used to represent stones).

Cave painting

The use of art to express spiritual/magical values of nature using paint blowing, stick brushes and charcoal. (The significance of the pictures is explained as shamanistic experience, stories, instructions and incantations for bountiful times.)

Lighting a fire

Using principles of the fire requirements, participants will collect suitable fuel and look at fire starting techniques. (all materials can be provided if there is no access to wooded area, and fire can be set in fire bowl on tarmac if no outdoor natural space is available.)

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Make and decorate a coil pot. (Examples of pots shown and the techniques demonstrated.)