Workshops for Schools
Urban Foraging

Stephen leading a party of foragers

Just as there is 'food for free', fuel and other materials available by foraging in wild space there are equivalents in urban settings due to wasteful practices.

There is an issue of sustainability when humans visit wild areas and consume resources but in our own built environment is the responsibility flipped? Is there an ethical imperative to find uses for the waste?

woman reading on chase lounge repurposed from an old bath


  • Legality of removing items from skips and rubbish collection areas, (trespass and property).
  • Health and safety.
  • Resources required to remove, transport and process materials.
  • Logistical considerations.
  • How will we dispose of our materials when the project finishes?
  • 'Freegan'
  • Re-using and repurposing furniture, tools etc.
  • Building materials